About the project

Fit4Fun project has been started in 2019. I have always been passionate about sports and fitness in general and I have practiced and competed in different sports (tennis, volleyball, soccer, triathlon, squash and others). So, being a coach, it seemed natural to me to extend my practice to health and fitness, so I certified as an health coach.

After delivering coaching packages aimed at people wanting be be fit without spending countless hours at the gym and without sticking to a rigorous diet I decided to address the specific needs of business people as well. Again, being an experience Consultant and Interim Manager, I had personal experience of the peculiar needs of business people wanting to be fit and healthy.

So, Fit4Fun addresses the needs of business people, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, who have very limited time due to their busy schedule but need and want to be fit and healthy to perform better and take the most ut of their life.

Your needs

The life of business people require stamina, commitment and energy. You have to be fit to perform at your best. Then, we all want to be able to spend quality time with the ones we care.

Let’s face it, being out of shape makes everything harder. The point is, we do not have too much time for us, so following a fitness regimen or a diet is hard. Moreover, sometimes at least, we are not even passionate about that.

But we have to accept that being a busy business executive, entrepreneur or professional is not much different from being an athlete. The only point, we perform in a different arena.

My solution

I know the problem, I’ve been living that life for many year. That’s why, leveraging on my experience in business, sports and health coaching, I have designed a Coaching Packaged aimed at people like us.

Coaching and training, specially designed for people with limited time, who do not  want to become top athlete in any field but need and want to be fit enough to get the most out of their life and experience unprecedented levels of energy and self confidence.

The coaching package cover:
– Nutrition
– Fitness and training
– Lifestyle
– Work/life balance

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