Business Coaching Accelerator Program for Start-ups


You are a startupper and your company is in its early stages; the program is differentiated according to it:

  1. Pre-seed – focus on strategy and validation (Lean Canvas), business planning and fund raising;
  2. Traction –  focus on strategy and business model refinement, fund raising.


Launching a succesfull startup isn’t easy at all. According to a recent report published by Startup Genome well over 90% of startups fail. The most common reasons for that are:

For a business experiment that has, by its very nature, to be innovative and scalable there are several challenges that every startupper has to cope with and there is no magic that can guarantee success but hard and structured work.
In my experience working with entrepreneurs and startuppers, the best way to properly face those challenges is to go through a loosely structured framework allowing tackle all the relevant aspects of your business, assessing and completing at the same time your knowledge and skills with what you need to succeed.
I will challenge you to revise your business thoroughly, identifying each and every strength and weakness. I will also challenge you to work on yourself and on your leadership; you are the key asset of your enterprise.


The approach I have developed take advantage of an experience of over twenty years and is based on a blended solution including:
There are no shortcuts but hard work. Going through my program requires commitment and stamina. If you are ready to take your start-up to the next level, get in touch and book a free strategy session (for on the right) to see if we fit well.

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