Business Coaching


Return On Investment. Studies have found that investing in business coaching has between a 6 times to 40 times return on investment. Meaning for every €1000 they invest in business coaching; they see over a €6,000 plus return on their investment.

  • One study is documented in the Manchester Review, entitled “Maximising the impact of executive coaching.” The study of 100 senior executives from 56 companies, who received coaching, averaged a return on investment of almost 5.7 times the initial investment.
  • Another study of 30 executives who participated in a large executive development program at a Fortune 500 company, found that coaching resulted in a 529% return on investment.
  • Harvard Business Review had an article about companies that spent on employee development, who outperformed the S&P 500 by 17 – 35% during 2003.
  • Coaching has become a significant and regular part of most leadership development activities (Corporate Leadership Council, 2003.)
  • Zenger and Smith (2006) estimated that 70% of organisations with formal leadership development initiatives were using coaching as a key ingredient.

Why do you need a Business Coach

  • Do you own an existing business or want to start a new one?
  • Do you feel your business is not improving or is going backwards?
  • Are you in a new business and not sure which way to turn or what do do next?
  • Are you stuck and feel like the entire world is on your shoulders?
  • Do you feel you have hit a plateau in your career?
  • Do you struggle working with your team or have difficulty delegating?
Business coaching can help you with all that and much more. It is not for you if you are simply looking for someone to tell you what you should do.

Why More than two decades of experience both as an entrepreneur and working with entrepreneurs and executives.

What can Business Coaching do for you

  • Increase your turnover or profit margin
  • Stay Motivated
  • Increase staff retention and job satisfaction.
  • Clarifying your purpose and goals in business and your personal life.
  • Break through the what has held you back.
  • Learn how to stay focused on your goals.
  • Increase output and performance in yourself and your staff.
  • Have more “free” time.
  • Time management.
  • Develop your own knowledge and skills.
  • Eliminate personal and business conflicts.
  • Create empowering relationships.
  • Learn how to become a leader in your industry, instead of a follower.
  • Create and put systems in place to free up time.
  • Create the future you want in health, wealth and well-being.
  • Remember why you started the business in the first place and create an action plan to achieve your why.
  • Learn how to have fun and enjoy your business again.
  • Self-mastery.

Coaching Packages

Get your business on Track

This package is for you if want to have a major breakthrough in your business, you feel you are stuck or you business is stagnating and you are highly committed to foster a big change.

This include

  • Strategy Session
  • Compelling Goal Setting and Action Plans
  • Personal Development Assessment and Working Plan
  • 12 One-hour remote sessions Over Six Months for Accountability and Progress Monitoring

Transform you Business and your Life
This is for people wanting to make major changes in their business to refocus and create their ideal life.

This include

  • Personal Breakthrough Session
  • Compelling Goal Setting and Action Plans
  • 24 One-hour remote sessions Over Twelve Months for Accountability and Progress Monitoring